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3" PREMIUM ILR Limited Edition (Chili Red w/Crocodile Embossed Red/Mahogany Handles and Top) Premium English Bridle Leather Strop

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Brand: ILR

Imperia La Roccia is proud to offer our customers The Finest Premium English Bridle Leather Strop available on the market today. Our Limited Edition Strop Features Chili Red Premium English Bridle Leather, Red/Mahogany top and handles with Red Stitching, highlighted with our crocodile embossed finish.

Truly a work of art handcrafted by master leather craftsman Doug Jiles, ILR founder.

This strop is a very limited edition and is sure to go fast. With only eight of this strop hand crafted, it's truly a limited edition strop. When they're gone they're gone. Don't wait or you'll miss out on one of our finest limited edition strop.

Photos don't do the color justice!

Our 3" Premium English Bridle strops are made of 11-12 ounce Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather (widely considered to be some of the finest leather available). This strop features our Crocodile Embossed leather tops and handles in a matching Red/Mahogany finish.

These strops are made for the experienced. They are NOT recommended for beginners. They are high-end strops that are hand crafted out of high-end materials.

We make EVERY strop ourselves!
Most strops on the market today are either coming out of Pakistan or China. Not our strops. Our strops are made by us. PERSONALLY! Although we do employ the use of "clicker dies" to insure uniform cuts for the tops and handles, the strop itself is individually cut and assembled by hand, by us.


Stropping length (distance between handles and tops): 20"
Width: 3"
Stropping leather: 11-12 ounce Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather finished in Chili Red
Cloth material: ILR "fire hose" material (nylon over foam core)
Tops and handle leather: Crocodile Embossed high premium leather in a Red/Mahogany Finish
Hardware: Brass swivel snap and brass ornate Chicago screw
Gold embossed "IMPERIA LA ROCCIA" logo
Draw: Medium to medium light and exceptionally smooth

Don't miss out on this beautiful hand crafted, limited edition ILR 3" strop. Order yours now before they're gone.

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