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GREAT Wet-Shaving Supplies at GREAT Prices!


Like all of our other wet-shaving supplies, our limited edition strops are some of the best available for the money.

Our strops are made of the finest leathers available in the WORLD! We have spared no expense or amount of effort to make (what we consider to be) the best and most beautiful strops within their price range. 

All of our strops can be personalized with either a monogram or name (provided the name isn’t too long). So, they make the perfect gift for anyone  who is into straight-razor shaving!

New ILR Shaving Soaps!

We are VERY pleased to announce that the first in our new shaving soap line is finally here!

As with all of our other products, our new shaving soaps are 100% handmade by us! Right here in Louisiana!

Experience what truly EXCEPTIONAL shaving soap can be by ordering a jar now!

ILR Management Changes!

Imperia La Roccia has recently undergone some management changes. However, rest assured, NO changes have been made to the hones themselves. We are still sourcing our raw slate from the exact same quarries we have since we first started selling them.

Changes of Note:
1) We will no longer be assigning a grit rating to any of our hones. From now on, all ILR hones will conform to standard hone delineation. The hones formerly deemed to be in the 8-10k range will be referred to as “FINE” and our hones deemed to be in the 12-15k range will be referred to as “ULTRA FINE”.

2) We have changed our preferred shipping carrier from the USPS to UPS. Problems within the U.S. Postal Service have prompted us to look for a more reliable shipping carrier. Read more about this change by clicking here and reading our updated shipping policies.

3) All PREMIUM hones will also come with a handsome wooden storage box. This will aid in protecting your investment in your new hone!

4) We have started listing our new line of shaving soaps. As always, ALL of our soaps will continue to be made of only the finest ingredients – and will continue to be 100% beef tallow based. We are also looking into vegan soap options as well.

5) Our Limited Edition Navy and Boa strops were a complete success! Of the 13 original strops we made in that configuration, all of them have either been sold or donated to Dr. Matt’s or Eric Latta’s YouTube channels.  Congratulations to the winners of the two strops given away by Dr. Matt! We hope you both enjoy your new strops!!!

Our next Limited Edition strop is now available in time for Father’s Day. They are, again, Wickett & Craig English Bridle. This time, they have been formed out of 11-12 ounce Olive green English Bridle and feature a fun, warped basket weave pattern in mustard yellow. As with the Navy and Boas, a limited number of these strops have been made (this time 16 of them). So, get them while they last!

6) Lastly, in our commitment to providing even more services to our customers, all of our strops will have the option of custom foil-embossed monogramming. Personalized monogramming is the great way of making an ILR strop truly YOURS  or the perfect gift for someone else!

Dr. Matt's YouTube Review of our Latigo Strops!

Dr. Matt's Video Review of Our Premium Latigo Strop

We have sold LOTS of our 3″ Premium Latigo Strops all over the world! What makes them great? We use only the best latigo calf hides available, we couple that with a high attention to detail and a beautiful design! We PERSONALLY make each and every strop ourselves!

Dr. Matt does a great review or our strop in one of his latest videos. Congratulations to the winner of that strop!

These strops are made with the finest calf latigo leather and adorned with genuine Horween football leather handles and tops. High polished brass swivel snap, hand-peened copper farrier’s rivet, our own special “fire hose” material, and “Imperia La Roccia” embossed in gold finish off our 100% handmade strops.

Who Are We

We are the makers of the Imperia La Roccia line of sharpening stones / sharpening hones and shaving supplies (dubbed by some as the ILR hone). Our hones have rapidly grown in popularity over the past several years; gaining fame as one of the easiest hones to use by both the beginner and the seasoned vet. We also make a full line of both razor strops and shaving soaps. Sharpening stones are our specialty!

Featured Items:

Our PREMIUM hones are guaranteed to be the best of the best. Like others before us, we inspect the slabs to find the sections we deem to be FLAWLESS. Then, we take it a step further. We individually razor-test each and every PREMIUM hone. Finally, they are hand lapped to 1000 grit. A larger slurry stone is also provided.

Our ILR strops are 100% handmade by us, right here in the U.S.A. This strop is intended for experienced straight shavers, but is a fine strop for beginners as well. This strop has Finely Finished latigo cowhide. It is very level, sturdy enough to remain level, and very lightly textured. It has an excellent draw, although like all leathers, can be modified with soap, oil, etc. Very similar to that provided on ‘Illinois’ strops. Unlike Illinois strops, the leather edges have been beveled.

Our 2×6 PREMIUM Ultra Fine hone. After numerous requests for a premium in a smaller size, we’ve finally decided to add it. Our compact 6″x 2″x 3/4″ hone is great for either those already familiar with honing on smaller sized stones or those not wanting to spend as much money. All of our premium hones are individually picked from the hones we cut, then they are individually razor tested to insure consistency. Comes complete with larger slurry stone.

Start Shopping Now!

Shopping for our hones just got a whole lot easier!
Now our hones are available for purchase using your preferred credit card or by using PayPal!
As always, you can also find our hones for sale on eBay.
Click on the link below to find your ultimate hone, strop, razor, scuttle, or shaving soap!

Stones for Sharpening Systems

We do not now, nor have we EVER sold any stones for any sharpening systems. 

It has come to our attention that there is a manufacturer in Russia that is claiming to sell our hones cut down and fitted to work with various sharpening systems. As far as we can tell, these are NOT our hones. 1) These stones do not match our hones. The color is different and so is the texture and feedback of a blade. 2) We have made VERY few sales to Russia. 

PURCHASE THESE STONES AT YOUR OWN RISK as we neither recognize these stones as being ours nor do we endorse them. It is our belief that this manufacturer is attempting to fraudulently capitalize off our name. Again THESE ARE NOT GENUINE IMPERIA LA ROCCIA STONES. WE DO NOT WARRANTY THEM!!!

We Are Second To None

We are the makers of the Imperia La Roccia line of sharpening stones / sharpening hones and shaving supplies (dubbed by some as the ILR hone). Our hones have rapidly grown in popularity over the past several years; gaining fame as one of the easiest hones to use by both the beginner and the seasoned vet. We also make a full line of both razor strops and shaving soaps. Sharpening stones are our specialty!

For those of you who have followed our growth, you have seen that we are always striving to add new relevant items to our lineup. Recently, we added both scuttles and mugs along with shaving brushes and Renaissance wax. 

We’re also looking into add custom made, personalized razor strops. We’ve made a few prototypes that we’ve given away to a few of our more regular customers. They were well received; encouraging us to pursue that venue in the very near future.

Do you have a shaving product you think we should add to our store? Send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to take a look at it and consider adding it. Suggestions? Same thing. We’re always exploring ways to improve. Drop us an email!

Why should you buy an ILR hone?

Two reasons:
1) They really are FANTASTIC hones. Using an effective progression, our hones great at putting an exceptionally sharp edge on just about anything from straight razors to kitchen cutlery. Bevel setting should be done with 1000 grit hones (or slightly coarser) followed by 1-2 intermediate hones. For intermediate, we recommend a 2000/5000 grit combination hone. Finally, assuming you’ve put in the effort with the previous hones, our ILR 12-15k stone will make quick work of putting the finishing touches on your blade.

2) You’ve got nothing to lose but a dull blade. Keep reading! Our guarantee speaks for itself! NO ONE else offers a 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Guarantee

We provide a limited, 1 year guarantee against defects with every hone we produce and a lot of our products. If, within the first year of your purchase, any defect found with your Imperia La Roccia hone, we will either replace it or refund your original purchase amount (less shipping).

If you feel that there is another issue with your hone that isn’t necessarily a “defect” and you feel it warrants our attention, please reach out to us. When possible, we go above and beyond for our customers!

Abuse and/or damage to the hone, obviously, is not covered. However, shipping damage is covered. If you receive a hone that has been damaged during shipping, DO NOT send it back. Instead, contact us immediately to let us know, and we will send out a replacement. USPS insists that you hang on to the merchandise for possible inspection.

Consumable items, such as soaps, wax, and strops, are not covered. Consumables may only be returned if they are unopened and unused.

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