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4" x 10" ILR Ultimate Premium Hone ULTRA FINE w/ Purple Heart Hardwood Keepsafe Box

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The 4" X 10" Premium Ultra-Fine Hone and Purple Heart Custom Made Box

After getting numerous requests and orders for a custom 4” x 10” Premium Ultra-fine hone, we decided to make it a permanent fixture.

We have sold numerous 4” x 10” hones directly to restaurants in countries all around the world (even Japan). However, at the time, they were only offered as a “by request” custom size, until now.

Real estate is where it’s at these days and our 4” x 10” Premium hone offers that in abundance. The size of this stone makes it a fantastic choice for putting a hair-popping edge on chef’s and kitchen knives, filet knives or any large blade you wish to put an ultra fine edge on.

This Hone will be will be surrounded by a custom hand made solid Purple Heart Wooden Storage Box, giving your hone maximum protection from chips & scratches, while offering a great way to store it when not in use. All finished in a low gloss satin finish.

Why the high price?

Our standard practice (as it pertains to selecting Premium hones) is to cut everything out of one slab of natural slate. We then inspect each and every hone that’s been cut and determine which ones are flawless (no layering and no inclusions). Those are sold as “Premium” hones. The standard stones may have slight layering in the top surface. However, no ILR hone will ever be sold that has inclusions.

With that being said, a 4” x 10” is handled a bit differently. As you can imagine, large areas of flawless slabs are harder to come by than smaller areas. As such, prior to making any cuts, we inspect the whole slab and mark the areas that have the greatest potential for being flawless. This creates a LOT of waste material.

Our price on the 4” x 10” is still far less expensive than even much smaller Japanese natural hones. And a Japanese natural hone of this size can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Hand finished and hand beveled edges. Comes complete with additional slurry stone.

Buy with confidence and check out the reviews of all our other Premium hones. We let our customers speak for us in regards to the quality and effectiveness of our hones.

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